My Tip #1

You don’t always need to dedicate each workout to one specific muscle group, I will often dedicate an entire session to balancing my body and working on my symmetry. Let me explain… Most people are spurred on in the gym by their desire to obtain a physique they can be proud of. For many beginners like myself,… Continue reading My Tip #1


Self-Esteem Train All aboard the self-esteem train, choo choo. Teaching you to feel good about yourself   Whether you’re just starting out on your road to fitness, you’re halfway down it panting and sweating or you’re sprinting to its finish line; you can definitely benefit from a little assistance from the self-esteem train! Keeping you… Continue reading Self-Esteem

Break the Routine!

Break Your Routine educate yourself on all the types of training you could be doing   Many people find one way of training that works for them and become too comfortable with it, meaning that they stop looking for other ways to train. This can be bad for two reasons. Firstly, because you can become… Continue reading Break the Routine!

Diet Control

Diet Control keep it healthy, keep it happy   The Diet. The enemy of all health and fitness lovers worldwide. Do I have something totally ground-breaking and life-changing for you? No. But I do think I can help. Whenever you search diet plans or diet techniques online it is so easy to find all the… Continue reading Diet Control

Enjoying Your Time

It’s time to relax How crucial rest days, leisure activities and unwinding are.   From my time researching I have learned that the relationship between physical and mental stress may be greater than what people assume. Physical tension can lead to mental stress, and mental stress can worsen our physical performance. This is why rest… Continue reading Enjoying Your Time